BANGI: The Interdisciplinary Research and International Strategy (IRIS) Institute has successfully organised the first International Conference in Interdisciplinary and Strategic Studies (ICRIS 2021) with the theme “Sovereignty and Sustainability of National Resources”.

The Conference Advisor, Assoc Prof Capt (B) Dr Azmil Hashim said the efforts to discuss Malaysia’s ability to manage and develop our national resources should be a priority in encountering global threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Azmil (ICRIS Advisor and IRIS Institute Board Member) speaks to officiate the ICRIS 2021 Conference yesterday







“Malaysia has the potential to become a sovereign and sustainable country in terms of its national resources and able to produce resource management plans that can compete with other developed countries.”

“This is due to Malaysia’s valuable mineral resources that can be used for industrial development. In fact, Malaysia also owns a global market for data centers and has the potential to become the regional data hub. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused Malaysia’s economic growth to shrink and the unemployment rate to rise,” he said.

“Therefore, in line with IRIS Institute’s role as a research center, this international conference will be an interdisciplinary platform for intellectual discourse among postgraduates, academicians, industry players and stakeholders regarding national resources,” he said.