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We believe that knowledge is power. By keeping tracks about current events, emerging technologies, and global trends, we can empower you with knowledge and insights to anticipate the future and make informed decisions in navigating an ever-changing world.

Our Research Project

Our research project aims to investigate and gain a better understanding of a particular topic, in order to contribute to the field and inform future decision-making.

The Sinicization Agenda

Sinicization is a process of colonization and plundering carried out by a group of Chinese people with the help and influence of the global Jewish elite to establish a civilization-based state of 'tian xia' based on the philosophy of 'Confucius-atheism-socialism' that will strengthen the hegemony of the New World Order

Settler Colonialism

One form of colonization involves replacing the original population with immigrant settlers through settlement. The immigrant population then takes ownership of the land originally owned by the native population. As a result, genocide occurs against the native population and land ownership is transferred to the immigrant group.

Deep State

The Deep State is the actual power that rules the country, by parties or entities that can advance Jewish-Zionist agendas at the national and international levels, through control over the system that governs national resources and capabilities, having proxies who will execute the agenda, and having continuous control regardless of changes in the country's landscape

The Anglophiles

A group of people hold in high regard values of admiration and westernization in various aspects of life. In the context of Malaya, the Anglophile group refers to a group of Malays, Chinese, and Indians who have undergone recruitment and doctrinization processes to become Anglophiles and work as a cadre to maintain their nation's existence within the global elite agenda.

National Power & Its Threats

The ability of a country to achieve its goals and protect its interests using its various resources and capabilities, while also reflecting its values and priorities.

The Global Elite

The main actor that drives all the structures and strategies in every aspect of human life at the global, regional, and national levels through a "grand strategy" with the goal of world domination (hegemony).

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Syed Ahmad Israa' Syed Ibrahim


Asyraf Farique

Analyst, Head of Knowledge Management Center (KMC)

Aiman Faudzi

Analyst, Head of Strategic Threat Studies Department

Ali Zaki

Human Resources Department, Sales & Marketing

Wafiq Azman

Analyst, Knowledge Management Center (KMC)

Fahmi Bahrudin

Analyst, Strategic Threat Studies Department

Hanis Noor

Researcher, Head of Strategic Implications Study Department

Adilah Zafirah

Researcher, Strategic Implications Study Department

Irfan Izhar

Researcher, Strategic Threat Studies Department

Fathiah Zamani

Researcher, Strategic Implications Study Department