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Strategic Research for National Power & International Strategy

We believe that knowledge is power. By keeping tracks about current events, emerging technologies, and global trends, we can empower you with knowledge and insights to anticipate the future and make informed decisions in navigating an ever-changing world.

Our Main Focuses

Our research project aims to investigate and gain a better understanding of a particular topic, in order to contribute to the field and inform future decision-making.

Strategic Monitoring

Observing trends in strategic development and its implications, from both national and global interests via our integrated monitoring method. This encompasses open-sources and actors monitoring systems, and statistical and strategic reports analysis. IRIS commits in producing our insights on the significant geopolitical megatrends through our publications of; news summary (RADAR), periodic reports (LANDSKAP), strategic reports and online portal (FOKUS+).

Strategic Dialogue

Facilitating series of dialogues that encourage exchanges of ideas and inspirations among Muslim World leaders, national strategic stakeholders, key-industry players and civil organisations. IRIS upholds that the best solution in addressing challenges and fostering innovative ideas regarding national power comes from the practice of collaboration and cooperation. Our National Power Dialogue serves as the primary platform for strategic discussions – revolving the theme of national power, national development through its resources and national challenges.

Strategic Research

Conducting in-depth and interdisciplinary research with strategically-developed framework, that is driven by national interest of its potential. IRIS believes by formulating the fundamental development of national resources could steering the national power in global landscape. Our research are conducted via integrated research methodologies, either by performing field research with empirical evidences or conceptual discourse and analysis that are collaborated with our fellow scholars and experts. IRIS commits in publishing our research findings through various book publications, peer-reviewed journal (IJISTRA), and strategic presentations and sharings with various stakeholders and targeted audiences.

Strategic Conference

Organizing an international and periodic conference that focuses on mutual understandings on the importance of knowledge and research sharing among scholars, experts and academic community. Our International Conference on Interdisciplinary and Strategic Studies (ICRIS) and its published proceedings gather various leading scholars and fellow researchers, and provides an intellectual platform for them. IRIS believes that the core of strategic research is the development and dispersion of a more comprehensive and precise body of knowledge, with the crucial insights of empirical evidences that are available in the real world.

Meet Our Leadership

Get to know our team members and learn about their expertise and experience.

Syed Ahmad Israa' Syed Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Asyraf Farique

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Aiman Faudzi

Head of Strategic Communication Department

Ali Zaki

Human Resources Department, Sales & Marketing

Wafiq Azman

Analyst, Head of Knowledge Management Center (KMC)

Fahmi Bahrudin

Analyst, Head of Research Department

Hanis Noor

Researcher, Research Department

Adilah Zafirah

Researcher, Research Department

Irfan Izhar

Researcher, Research Department

Fathiah Zulkifli

Researcher, Knowledge Management Center (KMC)