BUKU: ‘Fast Tracking Politics’: How Southeast Asian Leaders Capitalized China Railway Projects for Legitimacy



Author: Syed Ahmad Israa’
Genre: Geopolitics
ISBN: 978-967-17845-0-1
Pages: 160

About this book:

This book will provide the causal explanation of the puzzling variation inresponses made by Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand in dealing with rail projects involving China. Despite facing similar structural pressure and comparable domestic conditions, the three countries displayed different pattern of responses in term of scope of China’s involvement, scale of project, and speed of dealing process with China. The responses are also counter-intuitive; where economic benefit is expectedly higher, the response is more cautious while in case of higher political and security concerns are involved, the response is more eager. The main question being investigated in this study is what are the factors that drive the different degrees of responses from Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand towards China in the domain of rail infrastructure?


Chapter 1: Overview of Relations and Responses
Overview of China-Southeast Asia relations
Overview of Responses Towards China Rail Diplomacy

Chapter 2: Laos-Unlocking Land With China’s Help?
-Laos & China: Next Door Neighbours
-Rail Link: Unlocking or Burdening Laos?
-LPRP Deciding What’s Best for Laos

Chapter 3: Malaysia- What is Behind the Enigmatic Enthusiasm With China?
Malaysia-China Bilateral Relationship
Malaysia’s Future of Rail Connectivity in China’s Hand?
Reasons Behind Malaysia’s Perplexing Response

Chapter 4: Thailand- Utilizing China in Domestic Disarray?
-Story of Thailand and China
-China’s ‘Bumpy Railway Journey’ in Thailand
-Behind Thailand’s Delay

Conclusion: Ruling Elites’ Legitimacy – The Final Filter
-3Es of Bilateral Relations: Economic, Equidistance, Elite-drive
-Differently Alike: Responses in Comparison
-Drivers shaping Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand’s response
-Final Remarks

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