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'IRIS Institute' (Interdisciplinary Research & International Strategy Institute) is a non-governmental (NGO) and non-profitable research center. It was established in 2015 with a vision of producing profound and comprehensive international strategic researches. IRIS is a leading research institute that conducts cross-disciplinary and periodical research projects; focusing particularly on the causes of conflict and crisis in the Islamic world, as well as its solution strategy.

FOcUS IRIS research was built on the basis of the unique framework and is universal and global as follows.

1. Conducting Academic Research in Various Disciplines

This includes research in history, politics, economics, international relations, and others. The scope of the research is not limited to the international level but is even traced up to every inch of the world civilization construction, including Malaysia.

2. Generating strategic analysis and reports on the development of current issues.

  • Antara terbitan iris yang boleh didapati melalui laman ini.
    1. Preamble of the Malay Struggle 500sm-2017
    2. The Sinicization of Malaysia :Are the Sovereignty of The Nation Sovereign?
    3.The Identity of the Malay Economy Politics 500sm-1511
    4. FOKUS Magazine
    5. Geopolitical site at

3. Generating strategic analysis and reports on the development of current issues.

Among them is, China's rise as world power, OBOR and its influence on world geopolitics, TPPA's geopolitical threats, strategic report on the issue of the South China Sea.

4. Organizing dialogue and academic discussion

The latest is the Malay Survival Discourse on January 27, 2018 focuses on identifying the extent of Malay involvement in international economic politics and to get information on the development of the international political economy of the Malay World with external power since the year 500 BC up to now.

5. Building networking and collaboration with researchers and scholars from various backgrounds at local and international levels.

Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu (MTEM),Zaaba Leadership Institute (ZIL),ADAB, Maktab Penyelidikan Tamadun Islam Nusantara, CENTHRA, 
SETA Institute (Turki), Zaytouna Institute (Lubnan), Institut Al-Bayan (Saudi Arabia).


A compilation of writing papers on Malay Survival Discourse 2018 by IRIS Institute. The authors are composed of various academic backgrounds. The papers enclose on the model of the political economy of malaya around 500BC to 1511

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This book will guide us to assess the importance and function of the OBOR (One Belt One Road) project on economic, foreign policy, safety (hegemony) and China strategies. Is this OBOR project just a propaganda project or this project is very important to China to realize their dream of being the world power?



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