IRIS Institute attended a seminar on ‘The Origin and Intellectuality of Malay’

Two of IRIS’ analysts, Luqman Abd Hamid and Mohd Zul Fahmi Md Bahrudin attended a seminar entitled ‘ The Origin and Intellectuality of Malay’ at the Auditorium of the National Library of Malaysia.
The seminar brings the theme of ‘Menyorot Sejarah Bangsa, Melakar Kegemilangan Pusaka’, which propagates to highlight the the nation’s history along with the hope to shape the glory of the Malay heritage.

The first presentation was presented by Puan Zaharah Sulaiman, the President of Ikatan Ahli Arkeologi Malaysia where she discussed the theory of early human movement up until the emergence of the Malay race in Sundaland. She also presented some proofs from past research that negates the claim that the Malay race was originated from Taiwan and from Yunnan, China. This is also solidified by Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Wan Hashim Wan Teh in the second presentation. It is evident that the Malay race has long resided in Sundaland. The third presentation was presented by Prof Madya Dr Zafarina from USM where she presented the case that shows the Malay race as one of the oldest race in the world. The duration of the existence of the Malay race had reached almost 60, 000 year old. This is validated from the perspective of DNA mitochondria. The last presentation was presented by Prof Datuk Dr Abdullah Zakaria that explained the traceability and the existence of the nine Malay royalties in Tanah Melayu, of Malaya.

IRIS Institute would like to show our gratitude for such a beneficial and illuminating seminar by the National Library of Malaysia.