Workshop on “Towards Global Publishing: Springer Publishing Workshop”


November 2 – IRIS’ Analyst, Asyraf Farique, attended a workshop conducted by Adjunct Prof. Dr. Hans Günter Brauch entitled : “Towards Global Publishing: Springer Publishing Workshop”. The workshop was organised by “Pusat Penyelidikan Politik dan Keselamatan (PPPK), UKM”
Dr Hans is adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences, Free University of Berlin and also editor at Springer Publisher. He had published 72 books, studies and research reports, 150 book chapters, and more than 80 journal articles published in various languages.
The workshop was conducted in 4 parts:
Part 1: My Role, Global Market. My Publisher and Mission
Part 2: Getting Published Globally: From a Book Idea to Publication Agreement
Part 3: Marketing the Book
Part 4: Recognition of the Book
Springer was founded in 1842 by Jullius Springer. He was a Jewish German publisher. Which later, Springer evolved as the scientific publisher Springer-Verlag, passed to his sons Ferdinand and Fritz and today is one of the largest and most prominent academic publishers in the world. In 1848 he took part in the side of the insurgents in action against the authorities. Springer was from 1867 to 1873 president of the Booksellers Association of the German booksellers. Today, Springer business in academic journal industry is worth 1.5 Billion USD dollar.