IRIS Institute visited Profesor Madya Dr Zarina Othman, lecturer in the School of History, Politics and Strategy.

IRIS’ analysts along with Profesor Dr Norbahiyah Misran had a networking meeting with Professor Madya Dr Zarina Othman, a lecturer in the School of History, Politics and Strategy.
The meeting was fruitful as Profesor Madya Dr Zarina shared her viewpoints and her analysis with regards to international politics that includes regional security, human security, border security, maritime security and others. Several issues were discussed during the meeting that revolves around global politics today. They include:

– Clash of civilization between Islamic civilization and others.
– Strategic position of Israel as one of the strongest lobbyist in determining world order that includes the United States, China and Russia.
– The rise of a multipolar world order that diverts from the United States towards China
-The shift in Malaysia’s foreign policy that concentrates on policies towards China.
IRIS Institute would like to thank Profesor Madya Dr Zarina Othman for the time spent for the engaging  intellectual discussion.